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The first reason of problems in productivities is material delays our experienced team will assist you to avoid and control any material shortage to meet your project demands.
Petromine makes it easy to source material and products you need ,ship ,deliver and install.
Our well network of technical will be with you to inspect your Machinery and parts, write reports and recommend you the perfect needed solution

Our solutions will guarantee:

  • Competitive offers
  • Delivery on time and reliable
  • QA&QC
  • Consolidate your purchases

  • Strategic Development
  • Technical inspection and analysis
  • Financial assessment
  • Order execution

Order & Documents Management
  • Logistics and transportation
  • Customs
  • Inspections report
  • Test reports

Engineering Solution
  • On site Inspections + surveys

Fabrication & structure steel
  • Ptetromine’s fabrication system and technology has and excellent commercial capability. 

Inventory Management
  • Track inventory from purchase to the sale of goods.
  • fulfill customer orders and proper warning of a shortage.