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GET –Ground Engaging tools

MTG is specialist in the design and manufacture of high-quality ground-engaging tools for earth-moving machinery, with over 65 years of experience. Our distribution network of over 400 dealers, built on long-standing relationships, enables us to operate in over 60 countries worldwide.
Our steels are engineered to withstand extreme mechanical stress and have demonstrated their robustness and resistance in the most demanding applications. Due to the low impurity content and the structure developed through specific heat treatments, the hardness/toughness ratio is optimized, avoiding breakage.

Hammerless locking systems provide excellent retention, minimizing tooth loss and ensuring maximum safety to avoid machine downtime. They also reduce maintenance time, allowing for a rapid return to machine operation.

Throughout the G.E.T.'s wear life, our self-sharpening designs provide a high level of penetration. Our products last longer due to their higher wear material ratio, which improves machine performance and lowers operating costs.

Ensure efficient wear on all components and are constructed from the highest quality steel. Thus, the machines' operating time is maximized, resulting in a significant reduction in the cost per ton of extracted material.

  • Ground engaging tools are high wear-resistant metal components that come in direct contact with the ground during construction and excavation activities.

  • GET have a direct effect on your machine’s ability to produce, We offer Innovative options in ground engaging tools (GET) to increase the life expectancy of machine parts and increasing production, while decreasing the overall cost of machine ownership from the moment they touch (hit) the ground.

  • Choose your equipment, part from our wide range of products that suits your application whether you are in mining, steel, construction or any (earth moving) industries.

  • Buckets or blades, tips or edges, rippers or side cutters – no matter the size.