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Petromine Egypt was established in 2018 as an Egyptian company for trading and industrial agencies.
– We are specialist with over 35 years combined knowledge and experience specializing in Gold mining, mining engineering and process, geology, procurement, global supply chain, sourcing and logistical services to the international and local mining, oil & gas, civil infrastructure and construction industries.
– Petromine’s activities initially focused on the contracting of manufacturer for international companies specializing in manufacture of mining and process equipment.
– Petromine has expanded its activities, expansion and steady growth in the exploration, geology and process of mining .
– Therefore, Petromine was keen to identify the required competencies to cope with the requirements of the growing mining field in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Our strategy:

 Petromine is a diversified mining and quarrying company, exploring local and international business opportunities and adding other activities to its growth.


 We deliver high productivity and advanced efficiency to develop our projects and trade to the highest international standards and according to ambitious timetables. We also continue to progress in our activities to strengthen our future plans with a focus on the development of human competencies and the enhancement of individual and collective skills and capabilities to ensure the achievement of goals at all levels.


The strategic objectives of Petromine are to focus on operational, commercial and financial excellence in a sustainable approach, focusing on growth locally while strengthening our position with the corporate donor agency.


 Sales and marketing are of great importance to us and we are working to deal with the fluctuations of global commodity prices and market variables in order to ensure sustainable growth and stable and growing returns.



Increasing the sustainability of the mining sector in a global presence while maintaining and growing our business relationship with international and Local manufacturers to serve this field.


Increase the effective development of the mining sector to be a pillar of the Egyptian industry through contracting with international and local companies specialized in the field of mining, and maximize the value of mineral wealth for stakeholders.

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